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Our team provide the best dentistry services for patients all over the world. The aim is becoming worldwide leading VIP dental centre swith a global management perspective in placing our VIP Dental centers in Turkey on the World scene.

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Message from Head Dentist

With 20 years of expertise, Dr. Halime Savaş and our team of seasoned practitioners employ the latest technological treatments at our clinic.

HB Dental Clinic About Us Head Dentist Halime Savaş
HB Dental Clinic About Us Head Dentist Dr. Halime Savaş Video Message

Our Dental Clinic

Spanning 650-meter square, our facility features seven dental rooms, a sedation room, and an
elevator. Furthermore, we have designated wheelchair-accessible areas, aligning with our
commitment to delivering top-notch treatment for our disabled patients.

Our Expert Team

Our Professional team is ready to assist you during your dental treatment. Please do not
hesitate to contact us so that we can create the most beautiful smile for you.

Our Certificates

international health tourism certificate

Antalya Dental Vacation

Welcome to our conveniently located dental clinic in the heart of the city center. Immerse yourself
in a vibrant atmosphere with nearby ancient and cultural landmarks. Experience the
perfect blend of dental excellence and cultural exploration on your dental holiday.

Your dental vacation
begins here.
Your dental vacation
begins here.