Zirconium Crown


Jose Bolou, a cheerful man at the age of 52, wasn’t quite happy with the state of his teeth. Over the years, they had undergone discoloration and suffered damage due to various reasons. Particularly, the stains and cracks on his front teeth had caused his confidence in smiling to gradually diminish. Jose decided to discuss his dental issues and aesthetic concerns with his dentist. After conducting an oral examination and analyzing X-ray results, the dentist suggested that the cavities and damages in Jose’s teeth could be rectified with the use of zirconium veneers. Furthermore, the dentist explained that zirconium veneers offered an excellent dental aesthetic solution, providing a natural appearance and achieving the smile Jose desired.


Before commencing the zirconium veneer treatment, Jose underwent a thorough evaluation of his gum and oral health. Having healthy gums made him an ideal candidate for the procedure. In the initial step, a thin layer of his teeth was removed to make room for the zirconium veneers, ensuring a comfortable fit. Subsequently, the dentist took dental impressions and sent them to the laboratory while temporary veneers were placed. Custom-made zirconium veneers were crafted at the laboratory and later examined by Jose’s dentist. Their color and size were meticulously designed to perfectly complement Jose’s facial features and dental structure. The placement of the zirconium veneers was executed flawlessly, brightening his teeth and providing them with a natural gleam.


Jose was determined not to neglect regular dental care, aiming to preserve the longevity of his zirconium veneers and maintain overall dental health. By adhering to his dentist’s advice, he paid meticulous attention to oral hygiene and never missed his regular dental check-ups. Consequently, he bolstered the durability of the best zirconium veneers, proudly anticipating many years of confident smiles ahead.

As a result of the zirconium veneer treatment, Jose experienced a significant life transformation, empowered by the newfound change in his smile. His self-assurance soared, and he began to freely display his radiant smile. With the natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the zirconium veneers, Jose Bolouiçin became a man who left a positive impact on everyone around him with his captivating and healthy smile.

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