Zirconium Crown


Kevin Ferguson was a cheerful 35-year-old man, but he was not satisfied with the aesthetic condition of his teeth. Over time, his teeth had become discolored and suffered damage for various reasons. Especially the discolorations and cracks on his front teeth had caused his confidence in his smile to diminish over time. Kevin visited his dentist to discuss his dental issues and aesthetic concerns. The dentist, based on a thorough oral examination and X-ray results, suggested that the cavities and damages in Kevin’s teeth could be corrected with zirconium veneers. The dentist also explained that zirconium veneers were an excellent solution for dental aesthetics and would provide Kevin with the natural-looking smile he desired.


Before starting the zirconium veneer treatment, Kevin’s gum health and overall oral condition were thoroughly evaluated. Having healthy gums made him an ideal candidate for the treatment. In the first stage, a thin layer was removed from his teeth to create space for the zirconium veneers to fit comfortably. Then, the dentist took impressions of his teeth and sent them to the laboratory, where temporary veneers were placed in the meantime. The specially crafted zirconium veneers were completed, and their color and size were perfectly tailored to complement Kevin’s facial features and tooth structure.


Thanks to the zirconium veneer treatment and HB Dental Clinic Antalya Dentists, Kevin experienced a significant transformation in his life. He regained his confidence in his teeth and started freely displaying his smile. The natural and aesthetically pleasing smile he achieved with the zirconium veneers made him a happier and more content individual, both in his personal life and social circles.

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