Zirconium Crown


Stephen Redfern, a cheerful man at the age of 53, was not content with the aesthetic state of his teeth. Over time, his teeth had undergone discoloration and sustained damage for various reasons. Particularly, the presence of stains and cracks on his front teeth led to a gradual decline in his smile’s confidence. Stephen communicated his dental concerns and aesthetic considerations to his dentist. Based on the oral examination and X-ray results, the dentist indicated that the cavities and damages in Stephen’s teeth could be rectified with zirconium veneers. Furthermore, the dentist explained that zirconium veneers presented an excellent solution for dental aesthetics, offering a natural appearance and realizing the smile Stephen desired.


Before commencing the zirconium veneer treatment, Stephen underwent a thorough evaluation of his gum and oral health. Possessing healthy gums rendered him a suitable candidate for the procedure. In the initial step of the process, a thin layer was removed from his teeth to create sufficient room for the zirconium veneers to fit comfortably. Subsequently, the dentist took dental impressions and forwarded them to the laboratory, while temporary veneers were placed. Tailor-made zirconium veneers were meticulously crafted in the laboratory and evaluated by Stephen’s attending dentist. The color and size were tailored to seamlessly complement Stephen’s facial features and dental structure. The installation of the zirconium veneers was carried out seamlessly, brightening his teeth and imparting a natural luster.


Stephen resolved not to overlook routine dental care to ensure the lasting durability of his zirconium veneers and uphold his dental well-being. By adhering to his dentist’s guidance, he diligently maintained his oral hygiene and never skipped regular dental check-ups. This approach effectively extended the lifespan of the zirconium veneers, allowing him to proudly exhibit them for many years ahead.

As a consequence of the zirconium veneer treatment, Stephen witnessed a significant transformation in his life with the alteration of his smile. His self-confidence soared, and he began to confidently display his radiant smile. With the authentic and aesthetic appeal of the zirconium veneers, Stephen Redfern emerged as a man who positively influenced those around him with his splendid and healthy smile.

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