Zirconium Crown


Kristina Brigadere, a cheerful 40-year-old woman, found herself dissatisfied with the aesthetic condition of her teeth. Over time, her teeth had changed color and suffered damage for various reasons. Especially due to stains and cracks on her front teeth, her confidence in her smile had gradually decreased. Kristina expressed her dental issues and aesthetic concerns to her dentist. Based on the oral examination and X-ray results, the dentist mentioned that the cavities and damages in Kristina’s teeth could be corrected with zirconium veneers. Additionally, the dentist explained that zirconium veneers were an excellent solution for dental aesthetics, providing a natural appearance and achieving the smile Kristina desired.


Before starting the zirconium veneer treatment, Kristina underwent a detailed evaluation of her gum and oral health. Having healthy gums made her a suitable candidate for the treatment. In the first step of the procedure, a thin layer was removed from her teeth to create space for the zirconium veneers to fit comfortably. Then, the dentist took dental impressions and sent them to the laboratory, while temporary veneers were placed. Custom-made zirconium veneers were completed in the laboratory and checked by Kristina’s dentist. The color and size were designed to perfectly match Kristina’s face and dental structure. The placement of the zirconium veneers was smoothly completed, brightening her teeth and giving them a natural shine.


Kristina decided not to neglect regular dental care to ensure the longevity of her zirconium veneers and maintain her dental health. By following her dentist’s advice, she took care of her oral hygiene and never missed regular dental check-ups. In this way, she could enhance the durability of the zirconium veneers and proudly wear them for many years to come.

As a result of the zirconium veneer treatment, Kristina experienced a significant transformation in her life with the change in her smile. Her self-confidence increased, and she began to freely showcase her smile. With the natural and aesthetic appearance of the zirconium veneers, Kristina Brigadere became a woman who influenced everyone around her with her beautiful and healthy smile.

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