Zirconium Crown


Tatiana Golitiuk, a cheerful 48-year-old woman, found herself dissatisfied with the aesthetic condition of her teeth. As time went on, her teeth underwent changes in color and suffered damage due to various reasons. Particularly, the presence of stains and cracks on her front teeth led to a gradual decrease in Tatiana’s confidence in her smile. Tatiana voiced her dental concerns and aesthetic considerations to her dentist. Following an oral examination and a review of X-ray results, the dentist suggested that the cavities and damages present in Tatiana’s teeth could be effectively addressed with the application of zirconium veneers. Furthermore, the dentist elaborated on how zirconium veneers stood as an outstanding solution for dental aesthetics, offering a natural appearance and enabling Tatiana to achieve the smile she deeply desired.


Before embarking on the zirconium veneer treatment, Tatiana underwent an in-depth assessment of her gum and oral health. The presence of healthy gums rendered her an ideal candidate for the procedure. The initial phase of the process involved the removal of a thin layer from her teeth to create the necessary space for the zirconium veneers to be comfortably placed. Subsequently, dental impressions were taken by the dentist and forwarded to the laboratory, while temporary veneers were temporarily affixed. The customized zirconium veneers were meticulously crafted within the laboratory and subsequently evaluated by Tatiana’s attending dentist. Both the color and size were meticulously tailored to seamlessly harmonize with Tatiana’s facial features and dental structure. The placement of the zirconium veneers was carried out with precision, resulting in a brightened and naturally radiant set of teeth.


Tatiana was resolute in her commitment to maintaining consistent dental care, a critical aspect in ensuring the long-lasting durability of her zirconium veneers and the overall health of her teeth. By diligently adhering to her dentist’s guidance, she upheld a regimen of oral hygiene and diligently attended her scheduled dental check-ups. In doing so, she effectively prolonged the lifespan of her zirconium veneers, enabling her to confidently exhibit them for numerous years ahead.

The culmination of the zirconium veneer treatment yielded a profound transformation in Tatiana’s life, marked by the transformative change in her smile. Her self-assuredness soared, empowering her to openly showcase her radiant smile. Thanks to the authentic and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the best zirconium veneers treatment, Tatiana Golitiuk emerged as a woman whose stunning and healthy smile radiated a positive influence on all those she encountered.

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